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Reagents & Chemicals manufactured in India

Reagents and chemicals from Merck, manufactured in India have been the hallmark of quality for several years. State-of-the- art analytical laboratories exercise stringent control over the maintenance of guarantees and specifications according to international standards within the scope of relevant legal requirements our own test procedures. Sophisticated instrumental and wet-chemical procedures are constantly adapted to technical and method developments. Reagents and chemicals tested in this way are available in various grades for use in research and industry.

For Synthesis

These are used in all areas of preparative organic chemistry. Their purity is stated in the form of product specifications, a general indication of their standardized quality. Pure/Purified/Extra Pure are ideally suited for analytical chemistry and also suitable for technical production applications.

GR( Guaranteed Reagent )

Guaranteed reagents are used in the common analytical applications. For these, Certificate Of Guarantee gives the minimum assay and the maximum limit of trace impurities. The guaranteed figures contained in the product specifications are derived from rigorous analytical controls performed according to MERCK standards (of our parent organization, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt) or further developments thereof, using the up-to-date automatic and wet chemical techniques.


These are solvents of high optical purity for ultraviolet, infrared spectroscopy. The certificate of guarantee includes minimum transmittance at certain defined wavelengths in UV range and/ or for suitability testing.

Dried GR

Dry solvents are commonly used in organic synthesis on both a laboratory and an industrial scale where a water free medium is essential for the reaction to progress. A combination of low water content with high purity, gives a high quality end product with a good yield.

For Biochemistry

These products are highly pure reagents for bio-chemical research and for modern methods in molecular biology and biotechnology. Analytical parameters are summarized in the specifications, the most important criteria being the absence of inhabiting substances such as traces of heavy metals. 

Our products are available in various volumes, ranging from 1g units to 200 L containers. We fulfill customer-specific requirements such as additional parameters, own certificates of analysis which can be downloaded from our website, and special packaging units.

Individual consultation and a just in-time delivery of order consignments from our broad product range go without saying.

Our broad spectrum of quality grades and products provides you with a scope of use for the most varied range of applications. We invite you to make use of our special service support if you have any further inquiries write to

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